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Toto Statues Gallery

Number 1:

Toto In Tulips

Number 2:

Wamegoscape 1

#1 Toto In Tulips.jpg
#2 Wamegoscape 1.jpg

Location: Wamego Area Chamber Of Commerce
Artist: Lorinda Sultzer
Adopted by: Bank of the Flint Hills

Location: Oz Museum
Artist: Christina Klein
Adopted by: The Trust Company

Number 4:

Emerald City


#4 Emerald City Toto.jpg

Location: Yellow Brick Road (Lincoln St.)
Artist: Joyce Abernathy
Adopted by: WTC

Number 5:

The Lollipop Guild

#5 The Lollipop Guild.jpg

Location: Yellow Brick Road (Ash St.)
Artist: Jamie Lynn
Adopted by: PK Mechanical

Number 3:

Poppy Dog

#3 Poppy Toto.jpg

Location: Oz Museum
Artist: Michelle Crisler
Adopted by: RW Milling & Spirits Of '76

Number 6:

Somewhere Over

The Reading Rainbow

#6 Somewhere Over The Reading Rainbow.jpg

Location: Wamego Public Library
Artist: Joyce Abernathy
Adopted by: Celebrations

Number 7:

Wamegoscape 2

#7 Wamegoscape 2.jpg

Location: Wamego City Hall
Artist: Christina Klein
Adopted by: City Of Wamego

Number 8:


#8 Splash.jpg

Location: Wamego City Hall
Artist: Michelle Crisler
Adopted by: Rob & Jan Eichman

Number 9:

It's All About

The Shoes

#9 It's All About The Shoes.jpg

Location: Railroad Park
Artist: Jennifer Weigel
Adopted by: Audity Ally & Paramore Coffee

Number 10:

Community Toto

Number 11:

"Toto"-lly Gingham

Number 12:

Maggie, The Service Dog

#10 Community Toto.jpg
#11 Totolly Gingham.jpg
#12 Maggie, The Service Dog.jpg

Location: Railroad Park
Artist: Clifford Baughman
Adopted by: Wamego Community

Location: City Park Train Depot
Artist: Kellie Dillinger
Adopted by: Columbian Theatre
& Toto's Tacoz!

Location: Dutch Mill/Wamego Historical Society Museum
Artist: Rhonda Kesner
Adopted by: Three Rivers, Inc.

Number 13:

Patriotic Toto

#13 Patriotic Toto.jpg

Location: Wamego Area
Veterans Memorial

Artist: Jamie Lynn
Adopted by: Midwest Concrete

Number 14:

Yes, Toto

We Are In Kansas

#14 Yes, Toto, We Are In Kansas.jpg

Location: US-24/K-99 (807 US-24)
Artist: Lorinda Sultzer
Adopted by: Short Stop/Leizler Oil

Number 15:

Raider Nation

#15 Raider Nation.jpg

Location: Wamego Rec Center
Artist: Michelle Johnson
Adopted by: Purple Wave Auction

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