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The Wiz

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Dorothy's House

433 Prospect Place,

Brooklyn, New York

Dorothy lives in Harlem with her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry and has never been south of 125th Street. However, Dorothy gives Miss One (The Good Witch Of The North) the address of 433 Prospect Place, a residence in Brooklyn.



Perimeter Rd. &, Meridian Road

 Corona, New York

The New York State Pavillion, built in 1962 for the 1964 New York World's Fair, was the shooting location for Munchkinland after Dorothy crashes through the roof, killing Evermean, The Wicked Witch Of The East.



801 Riegelmann Boardwalk

 Brooklyn, New York

The Tinman is discovered at Luna Park's Cyclone Coaster in Coney Island. This roller coaster is now a designated landmark.

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Yellow Brick Road 1

Ward's Island Bridge

New York, New York

Dorothy and the Scarecrow, after befriending the Tinman, skip down the Yellow Brick Road as depicted by Ward's Island Bridge to the next destination.



476 5th Avenue

New York, New York

The Lion exiles himself to a replica of the New York Public Library Main Branch and poses like the statue of Patience. This was filmed on a sound stage due to the complications of the public and traffic, but the inspiration was the New York Public Library.

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Subway 1

Hoyt Street & Fulton Street
Brooklyn, New York

After the Lion joins the group, the friends make their way down the Yellow Brick Road to a subway station where they are terrorized by a mysterious toy peddler and the subway itself. Hoyt-Schermerhorn Streets Station was used for the toy peddler.


Subway 2

14th Street Station

New York, New York

The four friends find themselves being chased through the subway by the toy peddler's minions and eventually the subway starts terrorizing them. Although it looks like the same subway, two were used. The 14th St - Union Square Station (the IRT Line) was used for the subway that terrorized the travelers.


Poppy Field

732 8th Avenue

New York, New York

Women of the night portray the deadly poppy field in The Wiz. The lot that the poppies frequent was in-between two adult cinemas, The Capri (torn down) and Eros 1 (a new business stands in its place).


Yellow Brick Road 2

Brooklyn Bridge 

New York, New York

The iconic Brooklyn Bridge is the last stretch of road the party must travel leading up to the Emerald City as depicted by Lower Manhattan.

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Emerald City

285 Fulton Street

New York, New York

Oz's capitol city, the Emerald City, is depicted by the plaza of the former World Trade Center, now the One World Trade Center. Here, the citizens dance and sing about the latest fashion ranging from emerald green to golden gold to ruby red.


Winged Monkeys

41 Seaver Way

Queens, New York

Evillene, The Wicked Witch Of The West, sends out her Winged Monkeys to capture Dorothy and her friends. They are chased through the now demolished Shea Stadium, now rebuilt and called Citi Field.


Kaufman Astoria Studios

34-12 36th Street

Astoria, New York

The Kaufman Astoria Studios is where several scenes were shot such as the Scarecrow's field and Evillene's Sweat Shop.

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