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Roselawn was the home of Baum when he was a child. It was christened Roselawn by his mother, Cynthia Baum, because of the many rose bushes surrounding the property. Baum spent many days reading and exploring the grounds of the vast land around the house. He created a journal called the Roselawn Home Journal in which he wrote stories and more, running it for three years with brother Harry. Eventually, Roselawn was sold and passed through several hands before becoming a roadhouse and burned down in 1899. A new roadhouse was built but burned down in 1958. A skating rink named Sports-O-Rama stood in the spot of Roselawn from 1970 until it's demolition in 2015.

Today it is just a vacant lot.

Believed to be a drawing of Roselawn. Taken from the front page of a document titled "Welcome Home to Rose Lawn, Mattydale, New York, Town of Salina." Picture of document taken by Keith Choiniere.


2601 Brewerton Road

Syracuse, New York


The lot that used to be Roselawn and then the Sports-O-Rama building.

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