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Hamlin Grand

Opera House


The Hamlin Grand Opera House was built after the Great Chicago Fire on the original site of "Bryan Hall and Hooley's Opera House." This opera house was the location where the musical, The Wizard Of Oz first premiered in 1902. Baum penned the script while Paul Tietjens wrote the lyrics. Anna Laughlin played as Dorothy, Fred Stone as the Scarecrow, and David C. Montgomery as the Tin Woodman. The stage production strayed away from the original source material. Instead of Toto, Dorothy has a cow named Imogene, the Good Witch Of The North gives her a magic ring that gives her three wishes, and Pastoria takes control of the throne and overthrows the Wizard. 

Although largely forgotten, this musical had massive influence on a certain movie produced by MGM. Primarily the snow storm that appears at the end of Act 1 to wake up the characters from the deadly Poppy Field. A scene that happens in the MGM movie as well. 

Today the Richard J. Daley Center stands in place of the opera house.

The Hamlin Grand Opera House

  • Richard J. Daley Center


119 North Clark Street

Chicago, Illinois

Phone Number

Please check the website for phone numbers


Monday - Friday: 8am to 6pm


Richard J. Daley Center stands in the place of the old opera house

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