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Peekskill Military Academy


When Baum was 12 years old, his father sent him to Peekskill Military Academy. Possibly in hopes to rid his son of his fanciful dreaming and toughen him up. For 2 years Baum suffered and was miserable, "lovingly" referring to the school as Peace Kill Academy. No one knows for sure, but it is believed that Baum suffered a psychogenic heart attack and was sent home. This heart condition would haunt Baum for his entire life. The school officially closed in 1968. Many of the buildings were leveled to make room for the new Peekskill High School in 1972. Now it is the home of the Peekskill City School District.

Peekskill Military Academy, 1890


1031 Elm Street

Peekskill, New York


Baum in his Peekskill Uniform

Peekskill City School District

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