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Sony Pictures Studios


Original MGM Studios Entrance

Originally Ince/Triangle Studios in 1915, Samuel Goldwyn bought the studio in 1918. He changed the name to Goldwyn Studios and it wasn't until 1924 that it would become what many people would know as MGM Studios when it merged with Louis B. Mayer. Many stars passed through these gates to film such iconic movies such as the Avengers movie franchise, The Karate Kid, Gone With The Wind, and including The Wizard Of Oz. Filming on The Wizard Of Oz started on October 13th, 1938 to March 16th, 1939. Many of the sound stages still stand that used to house the iconic Poppy Field, Munchkinland, and others. Tours are readily available for film fanatics and tourists. MGM is no longer the name of the film company, now it is named Sony Pictures Studios.


Phone Number

(310) 244-4000


10202 West Washington Boulevard

Culver City, California

Tour Hours & Prices

Please check the website for details

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Sony Pictures Studios, formerly MGM Studios

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