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Baum's Aberdeen House


In 1888 Baum and his family moved to Aberdeen, South Dakota in hopes of enjoying the economic boom that they heard about. They were forced to move after six years of  struggling to make a living after Baum's theatre in New York burned down in 1882. Here in Aberdeen, Baum opened up a store called Baum's Bazaar, which closed in a year due to the failure of the local wheat crop in South Dakota. After he closed his store, he edited the local The Saturday Aberdeen Pioneer. They still struggled to make ends meet. After three years of living in the Dakota territory, they sold their house in 1892 and moved to Chicago.

This house is privately owned. Please do not trespass.

Baum's house in Aberdeen, South Dakota today.



211 9th Avenue South East

Aberdeen, South Dakota

Baum's house in Aberdeen on the left.

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