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OzCot back in its prime

In 1910 the Baum family purchased a sizable corner lot in the growing town of Hollywood. Upon this plot of land they built a home that they dubbed Ozcot. Baum created a lush garden where he won prizes for his flowers. He also had an aviary full of birds he chose for their song and plumage. More Oz books were written by Baum here at Ozcot. Unfortunately, Baum died here on March 6th, 1919. 34 years later on the same day in 1953, Maud Gage died in Ozcot.  Sadly, the home Baum built was demolished in 1950. 


This is a private residence. Please do not trespass.



1749 Cherokee Avenue

Hollywood, California

OzCot has been turned into apartment buildings

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