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Baum's Bazaar


Once Baum and his family were settled in Aberdeen, he opened up a shop called Baum's Bazaar, with money borrowed from both friends and banks. An advertisement in The Aberdeen Daily News announced the coming establishment, describing its wares:

"...a magnificent and complete assortment of Art Pottery and decorated Table Ware, Bohemian and Native Glass Ware, Parlor, Library, and Table Lamps, Baskets and Wicker Ware, Toys in immense variety, Latest novelties in Japanese Goods, Plush, Oxidized Brass and Leather Novelties...."

The store opened on October 1st, 1888. A year later the bank foreclosed on the mortgage and closed the store. This was due to part of Baum's distration in starting a baseball team in the town as well as the drought that caused the wheat crop to fail, causing an economic depression.

Today the building has been torn down and new businesses are in its place.

Baum's Bazaar back in the day.


406 South Main Street

Aberdeen, South Dakota

406 South Main St Baum's Bazaar now County Community Health Offices.jpg

Baum's Bazaar location today. No longer there.

Photo copyright © 2012 by David Maxine and Eric Shanower. Used with permission.

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